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Jan 30, 2021

Krizia Almoite has not been a photographer for long. When she lost her job in the middle of the pandemic, Krizia put nearly all of her time into making her newest interest into her new career. In under six months she's landed some big clients and was hired as the photographer for a new movie being filmed in Minnesota.

She's building a growing brand through social media by being the same open and unbashful person I've always known her to be. Krizia is opiniated, expresses her self freely, and attempts to bring out the best in the people around her. 

Through her self-expression, I realized that I too was someone that could have a photoshoot: a thought that I had never considered before. As I post the photos from my photoshoot around the release of this episode, I'm learning to be confident about my appearance in a new way. And I have Krizia to thank for that. Perhaps you would like the same for yourself?

See the photos I've posted so far on my Facebook page @curt.carstensen and on Instagram @curtpiks. Be sure to add or follow me while you are there.

She Krizia's work on her @kriziastudios Instagram page.

She her work from the @wayofthewarriorsfilm on Instagram.

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