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Nov 1, 2019

Comedian Mark Normand has been making waves recently in the world of stand up comedy. Jerry Seinfeld thinks he could be the next comedy star and Joe Rogan recently had him as a guest on his ultra popular podcast.

Meanwhile, I have been infatuated with his dark comedy to the point where I question whether I should even be laughing at some of what he says. But I do laugh. He is hilarious to me. And as it turns  out, Mark is a down to earth and likable guy. To attempt to make sense of it all, I invited him on the podcast.

Watch this conversation on YouTube.

Mark talking about he and I on his podcast "Tuesdays with Stories" 

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@marknorm on Twitter

Mark Normand on YouTube

Article: Joker's Marc Maron calls bullshit on Todd Phillips saying "woke culture" is ruining comedy

Meme: @Neil Strauss on Instagram

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