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May 24, 2019

Bryan Piatt of KARE-11 TV in the Twin Cities joins Curt Carstensen for a conversation about Bryan's journey through television news and how that has led him to a growing advocacy for focusing on the importance of mental health. Bryan and a friend formed Refresh Network as an online video presence focused on putting a spotlight on mental health. 

The discussion covers Bryan's quick ascent from being a student at St. Cloud State University to being a reporter on a major market television station and what it's like being on TV, always having to be on, and being noticed in public.

In the "Personal Growth" segment, the discussion covers mental health including Bryan's struggle with OCD and how yoga has helped Bryan. Plus, Curt reveals to Bryan how impactful it was to his life when Bryan and two other friends came out as gay to Curt in the same night.

In the "Being Wrong" segment, Bryan addresses how he was wrong about trying to act a certain way to be someone that he is not. Watch it on video.

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