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Dec 28, 2018

While home for Christmas, Curt Carstensen chats with his first best friend, Ryan Baron. Some of the topics discussed include genealogy and family history DNA and how that led to a discovery in Ryan's family tree, Ryan's career in education, his work with Emergency Medical Services and much more.

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Dec 21, 2018

Curt and new friend Brad Blaha discuss their recent Caribbean Cruise, Brad's hypnotic experience, Flat Earth, pretending to be someone we're not and more, including why Brad was wrong about alcohol.

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Dec 20, 2018

If you have not followed my Facebook pages and have not heard another way, I'm sorry to have to say that my good friend, and guest in episode nine, Josh Torgeson, died in an automobile crash on December 6th. This short episode is my best attempt to transition back to normal content beginning with episode ten, tomorrow.

Dec 7, 2018

Curt and Josh tackle a range of philosophical topics while driving around the Twin Cities. Some of the topics include procrastination, free will, death/suicide, immediate gratification, and wrongness.

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Nov 30, 2018

Curt's 15-year-old nephew AJ Torfin offers the perspective of someone born in the 21st century. Curt and AJ were roommates, literally, a few years ago, which plays into the dynamic of their relationship. AJ explains why his biggest challenge involves electronics and why he was wrong about having conversations.